Laser Cutting

At METCOM Inc., our investment in state-of-the-art lasers allows us to produce extremely close tolerance parts, cost-effective, in both low and high-volume quantities. Laser cutting is extremely versatile, and by keeping tight control over beam profiles, we can cut extremely fine contours and delicate features with clean edges. Along with 5’ x 10’ worktables, our gaseous and solid state laser cutters allow us to accurately and consistently hold tolerances up to ±0.005”.

We handle all types of raw sheet materials up to 3/8” thick aluminum; 1/4” mild steel, stainless steel, steel alloys; and some plastics. Advanced nesting software allows us to maximize material utilization, and laser cut parts generally need no additional finishing. Robust measurement and inspection ensure we meet your most stringent quality requirements.

Our motivated team is committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. We have the flexibility to offer very short lead times and fast turnaround. Contact us at any time for more information or a quote.

Technical Information

General CapabilitiesContract Manufacturing
Laser TypeCO2 (Gaseous)
Nd:YAG (Solid State)
Laser ConfigurationFlying Optics
Flying optics lasers feature a stationary table and a cutting head (with laser beam) that moves over the workpiece in both of the horizontal dimensions. Flying-optics cutters keep the workpiece stationary during processing, and often don't require material clamping.
Cutting Axis2- Axis
Intended Cutting Material (Metal)Aluminum
High Strength Steel
Stainless Steel
Mild Steel
Alloy Steel
Galvanized Steel
Cutting ThicknessMax 3/8“ for AL
¼” for mild steel
Cutting LengthMax 5'
Cutting WidthMax 10'
Kerf is the width of the cut or groove
Min 0 mm    Max 254 mm
Maximum Output Power3300w
Accuracy±0.0005 in
Additional Services ProvidedAssembly
Spot Welding
Projection Welding
Hole Piercing
Press fit Assembly
CMM Inspection
Production VolumeSpecialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume
Long Runs
Short Runs
Typical Lead TimeStandard: 2.5 – 3 weeks
Build Tooling: 12-16 weeks
Quoted by a job to job Basis
Additional Information
Industry Focus Filtration
Food & beverage
Oil & Gas
Industry Standards/OrganizationsPMA
Precision Metal Forming Association
ISO 9001:2015
International Organization for Standardization
File Formats/SoftwareAutoCAD (DWG,DWZ) ( Primary)

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    Swivel Bases Used on the Extraction Arms of Air Filtration Systems

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  • Laser Cut Cross for a Specialty Jewelry Boutique

    Laser Cut Cross for a Specialty Jewelry Boutique

    Metcom received a request from Loll – Le Gaggin Handcrafted Jewelry to cut these crosses from metal they procured that had the rusted finish they wanted. They provided estimated dimensions so our AutoCad Tech created a drawing to receive approval prior to cutting. The processes included laser cutting and packaging.Our state of the art advanced […]

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