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Metal Spinning

“Spinning metal into complicated and elaborate shapes, is an art fully as difficult as any craft, and the man is truly an artist that can make artistic and graceful outlines in metal, the forms being made by skill and manipulation of hand tools alone.” — C.Tuells 1909

At METCOM Inc. we bring new world precision and automation to metal spinning, one of the oldest methods of sheet metal forming. Using a metal disc mounted on a spindle, our technicians use tools to apply pressure to shape the metal over a form called a chuck. This is comparable to an artist forming clay on a pottery wheel. In one cycle, we can create multiple features of various complexities out of aluminum, copper, and all types of steel.

A big benefit to metal spinning is that the process itself refines the grain structure of the base metal and significantly increases its tensile properties. This allows the use of thinner gauge materials to produce structurally strong parts, saving on material costs.

Our hand and automatic spinning lathes can handle blanks up to 60” in diameter. We make our own tooling and process the blanks out of master coils to further save you undue expense.

Our automated equipment handles materials up to 10 gauge, while our manual equipment has up to 14 gauge capacity, depending on volume. Our typical tolerances are ±0.015” on diameters and ±0.030 on depths while maintaining a uniform wall thickness. New parts can be made significantly quicker and less expensively compared to stampings, which is great for lower volumes as well as first runs.

We offer short lead times and quality is emphasized at every stage of production in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. We also provide numerous secondary services to provide you with the convenience of a single-vendor solution for your spun metal parts. For more information on our metal spinning capabilities see the table below. If you are interested in finding out if this economical process is a good fit for your parts, contact us today.

Technical Information

Metal Spinning – What Is It?

The History of Metal Spinning …

Very early history has tied metal spinning to ancient Egypt, China and India as early as the 4th Century, but as the lathe was improved upon to be an actual iron piece of equipment, and later being motorized, metal spinning became more prevalent.

American revolutionary hero Paul Revere was a noted metal spinner with museums today still showcasing some of his work. This portrait shows just one of his exemplary pieces of work.

Common shapes are:

  • Flanged And Dished Head

  • Cylindrical Shell

  • Stepped Cover

  • Re-Entrant Flared

  • Venturi

  • Hemispherical

  • Flanged Cover

  • Cone

  • Parabolic Nose Shape



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Case Study

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