Metal Stamping

With our expert production capabilities and diverse equipment inventory, METCOM Inc. is a well-respected supplier of quality stamped metal components to customers in many different industrial markets. We are capable of numerous stamping processes and tooling options that best fit the application to include compound, coil fed, progressive, and deep drawn dies.

Our press tables range in size up to 82.7” x 47.2, are rated at up to 300 tons, and operate at speeds of up to 65 cycles/minute. Various press types, including CNC multi-action hydraulic and mechanically operated presses allow us to produce small, thin-walled components as well as heavy gauge parts. Stamping materials include aluminum up to 0.075” thick and well as many different types of steel up to 0.05” in thickness.

We hold tolerances as tight as ±0.01” on diameters and ±0.02” on depth. Dedicated to providing our customers with defect-free products at competitive prices, we have an excellent reputation for providing excellent customer service in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. For additional information about our metal stamping capabilities, please see the table below. Contact us at any time for a quote.

Technical Information

General CapabilitiesContract Manufacturing
Production MethodCompound Die
Coil Fed
Deep Draw
Progressive Die
Punch Press
Transfer Press
Press Rating300 tons
Press SpeedUp to 65 cycles/min
Maximum Press Stroke 16 in
Maximum Press Bed Length82.7”
Maximum Press Bed Width47.2”
Part ThicknessMax for Aluminum: 0.075”
Max for Steel: 0.050”
Tolerance (+/-)Diameter: ±0.015”
Depth: ±0.030”
High Strength Steel
Stainless Steel
Alloy Steels
Galvanized Steel
Additional Services ProvidedAssembly
Spot Welding
Projection Welding
Hole Piercing
Press fit Assembly
CMM Inspection
Production VolumeSpecialty Production Shop
Low Volume
High Volume
Long Runs
Short Runs
Typical Lead TimeStandard: 2.5 – 3 weeks
Build Tooling: 12-16 weeks
Quoted by a job to job Basis
Additional Information
Industry Focus Filtration
Food & beverage
Oil & Gas
Industry Standards/OrganizationsPMA
ISO 9001:2015
File Formats/SoftwareAutoCAD (DWG,DWZ) ( Primary)

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    Swivel Bases Used on the Extraction Arms of Air Filtration Systems

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