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Deep Draw Stamping of Drain Pans

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As experienced fabricators supporting the production requirements of customers in a variety of industries, at METCOM Inc. we have developed a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities. In addition to our metal spinning proficiencies, we also boast extensive deep draw manufacturing abilities. That particular competence was called upon in this project when a customer in the fluid reservoir industry approached us to fabricate drain pans used for fluid containment. To complete these parts to customer standards, we utilized a variety of fabrication processes, including laser cutting, deep drawing, and trimming. Our 250 ton hydraulic press was

used to form the pans from mild steel, achieving a ±.015″ tolerance across the diameter and ±.030” tolerance on the length. This project featured differing pan styles and sizes.

Post-production activity included a thorough cleaning and final inspections for quality and integrity. Overall measurements of the finished pans were 16″ in diameter by 3″ in length. 1000 to 1500 drain pans are produced by us annually, with a typical lead time of up to 3 weeks. The pans were completed to customer satisfaction, providing an ongoing work relationship. We proudly operate with a focus on quality, a value that has earned us the trust of our customers and continuous production contracts. For more details about our deep drawing abilities, or our other custom fabrication services please see the table below or contact us directly.

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