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Swivel Bases Used on the Extraction Arms of Air Filtration Systems

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A customer in the air filtration industry commissioned us at METCOM Inc. to manufacture the swivel base collars shown here. As a part of air filtration systems, extraction arms are the elements that will pull or “extract” unwanted fumes from the area. The swivel bases allow it to be rotated and maneuvered where needed. To produce this part we used multiple production techniques in addition to our metal spinning expertise. Processes including stamping, laser cutting, hole piercing, and trimming. State of the art equipment including a PNC spinning lathe, a trimming machine, and an advanced laser were used to configure mild

steel to the required specs.

The finished unit measured 8″ in diameter and was 6″ in length, exhibiting a raw steel finish. The tightest tolerances of ±.015″ was met across the diameter, with a length tolerance of ±.030″. We produce 2,000 units annually for this customer, with a normal lead time of 2.5 to 3 weeks. As a result of their satisfaction with our fulfillment of this project, we have been awarded additional production contracts and are frequently requested to submit quotes on more work. For more details about this swivel base collar or our precision manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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