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Precision Metal Spinning of Aluminum Pressure Vessel Tank Heads


At METCOM Inc., our reputation for consistent results and cost competitive services keep us in demand as a manufacturing partner for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. In the project, a producer of pressure vessels contracted us to produce tank heads for their equipment. They were seeking a manufacturer versed in the demands of working with thicker metals, which is a skill we have honed during our four decades of business. The material selection process was involved, as we had to work through a few options to determine the best grade of aluminum that would meet the heat and pressure requirements of the

pressure vessel while still being able to form. 0.190” aluminum sheet in 3003-H14 alloy was ultimately chosen for this project.

This moderate strength metal possesses excellent workability, is easy to form, and exhibits good corrosion resistance. Utilizing our state of the art PNC spinning lathe and laser cutter, the material was cut and the tank head’s specified contours were spun into form. Part accuracy and integrity were verified with systematic inspections and dimension checks.

Completed tank heads were cleaned of fabrication debris, with no further treatment necessary. Overall measurements of the finished tank head were 13″ in diameter and 5-1/8″ in length. The tightest tolerances of ±.015″ and ±.030″ were held across the diameter and length respectively.
Annual production levels for this part are between 100 to 200 units, with typical lead times of up to 3 weeks. Our high-quality work and customer-oriented approach exceeded the customers’ expectation and has afforded us the opportunity of additional work and invitations to submit quotes. For more details about a tank head production process or our other manufacturing solutions please see the table below or contact us directly.

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