Laser Cut Cross for a Specialty Jewelry Boutique

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Metcom received a request from Loll – Le Gaggin Handcrafted Jewelry to cut these crosses from metal they procured that had the rusted finish they wanted.

They provided estimated dimensions so our AutoCad Tech created a drawing to receive approval prior to cutting. The processes included laser cutting and packaging.Our state of the art advanced laser was used to create this specialty product. Dimensional accuracy didn’t need to be verified as it was a piece for design and display. Visual approval was all that was required.

The finished piece measured 9.125” tall and 6.75” wide, maintain the rusted finished the customer wanted with an approximate lead time of 2 weeks from the initial contact to the finished parts. As a result of their satisfaction with our fulfillment of this project, we were also asked to cut a hot-dipped, spangled galvanneal, United States outline. For more details about a similar special order craft design or our precision manufacturing capabilities, please see the table below or contact us directly.

Deep Draw Stamping of Drain Pans

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As experienced fabricators supporting the production requirements of customers in a variety of industries, at METCOM Inc. we have developed a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities. In addition to our metal spinning proficiencies, we also boast extensive deep draw manufacturing abilities. That particular competence was called upon in this project when a customer in the fluid reservoir industry approached us to fabricate drain pans used for fluid containment. To complete these parts to customer standards, we utilized a variety of fabrication processes, including laser cutting, deep drawing, and trimming. Our 250 ton hydraulic press was used to form the pans from mild steel, achieving a ±.015″ tolerance across the diameter and ±.030” tolerance on the length. This project featured differing pan styles and sizes.

Post-production activity included a thorough cleaning and final inspections for quality and integrity. Overall measurements of the finished pans were 16″ in diameter by 3″ in length. 1000 to 1500 drain pans are produced by us annually, with a typical lead time of up to 3 weeks. The pans were completed to customer satisfaction, providing an ongoing work relationship. We proudly operate with a focus on quality, a value that has earned us the trust of our customers and continuous production contracts. For more details about our deep drawing abilities, or our other custom fabrication services please see the table below or contact us directly.

Precision Metal Spinning of Aluminum Pressure Vessel Tank Heads

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At METCOM Inc., our reputation for consistent results and cost competitive services keep us in demand as a manufacturing partner for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. In the project, a producer of pressure vessels contracted us to produce tank heads for their equipment. They were seeking a manufacturer versed in the demands of working with thicker metals, which is a skill we have honed during our four decades of business. The material selection process was involved, as we had to work through a few options to determine the best grade of aluminum that would meet the heat and pressure requirements of the pressure vessel while still being able to form. 0.190” aluminum sheet in 3003-H14 alloy was ultimately chosen for this project.

This moderate strength metal possesses excellent workability, is easy to form, and exhibits good corrosion resistance. Utilizing our state of the art PNC spinning lathe and laser cutter, the material was cut and the tank head’s specified contours were spun into form. Part accuracy and integrity were verified with systematic inspections and dimension checks.

Completed tank heads were cleaned of fabrication debris, with no further treatment necessary. Overall measurements of the finished tank head were 13″ in diameter and 5-1/8″ in length. The tightest tolerances of ±.015″ and ±.030″ were held across the diameter and length respectively.
Annual production levels for this part are between 100 to 200 units, with typical lead times of up to 3 weeks. Our high-quality work and customer-oriented approach exceeded the customers’ expectation and has afforded us the opportunity of additional work and invitations to submit quotes. For more details about a tank head production process or our other manufacturing solutions please see the table below or contact us directly.

Extraction Hood Used in Air Purification Systems

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With over 30 years of experience in metal spinning, at Metcom Engineering our expertise is sought after to provide high quality spun products at competitive prices. In the project highlighted here, a customer in the air purification industry commissioned us to manufacture a custom extraction hood. This component acts to draw out airborne contaminants for filtration and is a critical element of their air purification system. In addition to our world class metal spinning techniques, several production processes were employed to complete the hood to customer specifications including laser cutting, trimming, and hole piercing. The hood was constructed from aluminum, which was manipulated with our state of the art equipment including our Omera trimming machine, spinning lathe, and horn press. To aid in rapid and precise hole punching, we devised special location indicators to mark their exact spots. Throughout production, systematic quality management protocols and in-process micrometer inspections confirmed dimensional accuracy. The completed hood was cleansed of residue and left with a natural finish.

Overall measurements of the extraction hood were 13″ in diameter and 8.5″ in length. We were able to achieve the tightest tolerances of ± .015″ for the diameter and ±.030″ for length. Annual production volumes of this part range from 100 to 200, with a normal lead time of 2.5 to 3 weeks. The customer was very pleased with our workmanship and rapid turnaround time, and has extended our relationship with additional projects. To learn more about this extraction hood project or the other custom production capabilities available please see the table below or contact us directly.

Swivel Bases Used on the Extraction Arms of Air Filtration Systems

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A customer in the air filtration industry commissioned us at METCOM Inc. to manufacture the swivel base collars shown here. As a part of air filtration systems, extraction arms are the elements that will pull or “extract” unwanted fumes from the area. The swivel bases allow it to be rotated and maneuvered where needed. To produce this part we used multiple production techniques in addition to our metal spinning expertise. Processes including stamping, laser cutting, hole piercing, and trimming. State of the art equipment including a PNC spinning lathe, a trimming machine, and an advanced laser were used to configure mild steel to the required specs.

The finished unit measured 8″ in diameter and was 6″ in length, exhibiting a raw steel finish. The tightest tolerances of ±.015″ was met across the diameter, with a length tolerance of ±.030″. We produce 2,000 units annually for this customer, with a normal lead time of 2.5 to 3 weeks. As a result of their satisfaction with our fulfillment of this project, we have been awarded additional production contracts and are frequently requested to submit quotes on more work. For more details about this swivel base collar or our precision manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

Manufacturing of a Carbon Steel Venturi

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In this project, we were contracted to manufacture a custom venturi for the filtration industry. The venturi shape produces a flow-dependent pressure drop, and features a temporary narrowing much like an hourglass figure to vary flow. It is utilized in a variety of filtration applications. Working from customer-supplied drawings, we incorporated multiple production processes to fabricate the part to the required specifications. Mild steel was cut and formed using laser cutting, spinning, hole piercing, and trimming techniques. In order to successfully execute the trimming and piercing of the hole to the precision required it was necessary to design a custom die. Additionally, the spin tooling required two separate pieces to complete.

The finished part measured 6″ in length by 5″ in diameter. The tightest tolerances of ± .015″ were achieved across the part’s diameter, and tolerance of ±.030″ on the length. The venturi was properly cleaned and left with a raw steel finish. We delivered with a short lead time, exceeding the quality expectations of the customer. This part is produced in annual volumes ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 units. Due to our consistent quality levels and dedication to accuracy and customer service we enjoy a long-standing production relationship with this customer. To learn more about a venturi part or our manufacturing capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.