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We can help service any of your metal forming needs from metal stamping, metal spinning,  laser cuts and deep drawing, 

Metal Stamping

With our expert production capabilities and diverse equipment inventory, METCOM Inc. is a well-respected supplier of quality stamped metal components to customers in many different industrial markets. We are capable of numerous stamping processes and tooling options that best fit the application to include compound, coil fed, progressive, and deep drawn dies.


Metal Spinning

At METCOM Inc. we bring new world precision and automation to metal spinning, one of the oldest methods of sheet metal forming. Using a metal disc mounted on a spindle, our technicians use tools to apply pressure to shape the metal over a form called a chuck. This is comparable to an artist forming clay on a pottery wheel. In one cycle, we can create multiple features of various complexities out of aluminum, copper, and all types of steel.

Laser Cutting

At METCOM Inc., our investment in state-of-the-art lasers allows us to produce extremely close tolerance parts, cost-effective, in both low and high-volume quantities. Laser cutting is extremely versatile, and by keeping tight control over beam profiles, we can cut extremely fine contours and delicate features with clean edges

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Deep Drawing

METCOM Inc. has many years of experience deep drawing metals for multiple industries. We are capable of drawing deep drawn parts up to 14” deep while maintaining a uniform wall thickness. A deep drawn part is defined as one where the depth of the drawn part is larger than the diameter.

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